"After attending twenty-one retreats so far in my life, Amy is my favorite chef, providing the tastiest meals, hands down.   I've attended three separate silent meditation retreats where Amy has been the chef and recently signed up for the one she was specifically cooking for, as she's next level compared to most other retreats.  Her menus are 5 star. Catering to my dietary restrictions in the most creative ways, she's honestly the best holistic chef I know.  She uses organic, local produce, is very clear which ingredients each dish contains, and has the yummiest recipes and variety of ethnic dishes as well.   In addition, she's a very sweet and lovely being so I'm sure that has something to do with the blessings and creativity put into her meals."

-- Wendy, Retreat Participant

"Amy was a joy to work with. Her food was absolutely amazing! She has a knack for combining unlikely flavors and ingredients into divine taste sensations. She kept our workshop participants well nourished and consistently raving about her culinary feats."

-- Karen, Women's Leadership Retreat Facilitator

“Amy is an absolute joy to work with! Working with Amy as retreat manager during retreats, I get to see just how much love and effort she puts into creating beautiful, nourishing and healthy food that tastes amazing. Amy’s menu plan for retreat involves a trip around the world while tracking and accommodating the many food restrictions and requirements the yogi’s have. I am one of many yogi’s that feels so cared for and nurtured by Amy and her meals during retreat and have been inspired to make better meals for myself and husband outside of retreat. Amy is an absolute treasure!” 

--Carol, Retreat Manager & Participant

"Each meal had a wonderful array of textures and colors, a beautiful table for us to enjoy.  Amy’s dishes were creative and deliciously flavored, balanced and satisfying.  Amy was very accommodating to the special needs of our group.  We heard only high praises from our participants.  We look forward to next year."

-- Dean & Rebecca, Yoga Retreat Leaders

"The food all through the retreat was more than phenomenal - enough to turn a person vegetarian." 

--Cyndi, Retreat Participant

"Most scrumptious breakfasts and lunches I've ever had in 25 years of retreat practice." 

-- Mikaela, Retreat Participant