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Spinach Artichoke Soup with Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes

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  As Win­ter makes its exit, Spring is near­ing, which brings a fresh new sea­son of vibrant greens, includ­ing some of my all-time favorites, Spinach and Arti­chokes! And while they’re in no way relat­ed to the arti­choke, or Jerusalem for that mat­ter, we are near­ing the end of the Jerusalem Arti­choke (also known as sun­chokes) sea­son. This deli­cious root veg­etable is rarely used, and def­i­nite­ly under-appre­ci­at­ed. Jerusalem arti­chokes sup­port gut health, and are a great source of potas­si­um Read more […]

image link: what could be more nutritious than a bowl of bone broth packed with nutrient-dense veggies and chicken?

Build-Your-Own Chicken Pho

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  Who knew pho could be so easy to make at home?! Pho is the per­fect Win­ter dish, whether you’re try­ing to get over a cold, won­der­ing how to eat more hot veg­gies, or it’s so cold out­side the only thing to do is invite your friends over for a build-your-own pho par­ty fol­lowed by a snug­gle ses­sion near the fire. My favorite part about this dish is that every­one can make it their own. Sim­ply choose your favorite veg­gies and gar­nish­es and let every­one build their own bowl. After all, food Read more […]

link to image: a bowl of hot spicy miso pork ramen

Spicy Miso Pork Ramen

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For all you purists out there–here’s the recipe for the more tra­di­tion­al Spicy Miso Pork Ramen. While this recipe is far sim­pler than the time-inten­sive authen­tic ramen recipes from Japan, it will still give you that deli­cious­ly intense savory Uma­mi fla­vor that Ramen is so fond­ly known for. It may seem like a lot of ingre­di­ents, but once you make the spicy miso paste, it will be smooth kitchen sail­ing from there. I like to make the paste a day ahead of time to make it that much quick­er when I go Read more […]

vegetarian spicy miso ramen

Spicy Miso Ramen — Can You Believe It’s Vegetarian?!

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It’s amaz­ing how averse you can become to tech­nol­o­gy when you final­ly take some time away from it. I’ve been mean­ing to write this post for AGES, but late­ly the thought of sit­ting in front of a com­put­er screen has seemed like tor­ture. I used to spend near­ly 8 hours a day sit­ting in an office, and sur­pris­ing­ly, the longer I’ve been away from my 9–5 soul-suck­ing career and the more time I spend away from devices, the less I want to use them. But I do feel slight­ly guilty for neglect­ing you all these Read more […]

homemade crock pot chicken stock--all the health benefits of a good bone broth!

Heartwarming & Healing Chicken Soup

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Do you ever crave a giant bowl of chick­en soup when you’re not feel­ing well?! Yeah, me too! I think it’s safe to say every­one has had that moment where it seems like noth­ing but a good hearty bowl of home­made chick­en soup will cure you. It’s amaz­ing how intu­itive our bod­ies are. Crav­ings are not just some men­tal han­ker­ing for a favorite food, but often, our crav­ings are our body’s way of telling us some­thing is out of bal­ance in our diet or in our lifestyle. The rea­son we crave chick­en soup when Read more […]

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