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image link: chicken shawarma salad with a big old bowl of homemade hummus

Chicken Shawarma Salad

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One of my all-time favorite meals is a Mediter­ranean spread–a table full of hum­mus, baba ghanoush, tzatzi­ki, tab­bouleh, tahi­ni sauce, the works! But even bet­ter than that is all of those lus­cious condi­ments atop a suc­cu­lent shawar­ma. And it goes to the next lev­el when I can enjoy all of that with­out the bread. Since most of us don’t have a giant spit to roast meat in our kitchen, some­times you got­ta impro­vise. You may have tried my BBQ chick­en shawar­ma. But here’s one you can make indoors year-round, Read more […]

Roasted Cauliflower & Beet Salad

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Whether it’s Spring or Fall in your part of the world, and just warm­ing up or just cool­ing down, a great way to add depth, char­ac­ter, and a bit of warmth to your sal­ads is with warm spices and roast­ed veg­gies. I just nev­er get tired of fresh vibrant Mediter­ranean fla­vors in any sea­son. Roast­ed cau­li­flower and beets bring beau­ti­ful col­or, while warm spices of cumin, turmer­ic, and cin­na­mon con­trast bril­liant­ly with creamy salty Feta cheese, fresh cilantro, lime juice, and slight­ly sweet and tangy Pome­gran­ate Read more […]

Paleo Lemon Cardamom Moroccan Meatballs

Lemon Cardamom Moroccan Meatballs

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I’ve real­ly been crav­ing some fla­vor­ful fresh Moroc­can and Mediter­ranean cui­sine, and it was about time I’d made these divine Lemon Car­damom Moroc­can Meat­balls.  I sim­ply swapped out the bread­crumbs from the orig­i­nal recipe for some LSA mix that’s huge­ly pop­u­lar with the health food­ies here in Aus­tralia. It’s a mix of ground Lin­seed, Sun­flower Seeds, and Almonds. It’s loaded with nutri­ents and makes a great binder in cook­ing, or sub­sti­tute for flours in baked goods. And for all those back home in Read more […]

Paleo hummus made from Zucchini! Nothing like delicious clean plant-based foods!

Paleo Hummus Part 2!

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Not only is there a deli­cious nut-based ver­sion of Paleo hum­mus (Check out my Creamy Cashew Hum­mus if you haven’t already), now you can also try this tasty plant-based ver­sion made with zuc­chi­ni if nuts just aren’t your thing, if you’re try­ing to cut extra fat out of your diet, or even if you want to try some­thing new for a change! You can whip this hum­mus up in the blender or food process in just a few min­utes. Use it to top super easy Chick­en Shawar­ma for a pro­tein packed meal or dip raw veg­gies Read more […]

Celery sticks are my favorite vessel for this creamy flavorful Paleo hummus

Paleo Hummus

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I’ve always real­ly enjoyed hum­mus, but most­ly gave it and the rest of legumes up when I went Paleo a cou­ple years ago. But there was no way I was going to miss out on the creamy smooth authen­tic hum­mus in Israel, along with all of the oth­er scin­til­lat­ing Mid­dle East­ern food. Dur­ing my ten glo­ri­ous days in the Holy Land, I devoured my share of falafel, shawar­ma, Israeli sal­ad, Yemenite food, olives, pick­led veg­gies and so much more! In fact, I’ve been dream­ing about the ten­der melt-in-your mouth Read more […]

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