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Turkey Coconut Curry Meatballs

Turkey Coconut Curry Meatballs

Amy 2 comments

This recipe is incred­i­bly easy, packed with pro­tein and fla­vor, and so ver­sa­tile! You can serve these as an appe­tiz­er or snack to par­ty guests, eat them as a meal with a side of sautéed veg­gies and coconut cau­li­flower rice, or even as a side to your favorite cur­ry (check out my Saag Paneer and Fish Tik­ka Masala!). I made the meat­balls with ground turkey meat that I already had on hand, but they can eas­i­ly be made with ground chick­en, or even with chick­en breasts processed with all of the ingre­di­ents Read more […]

Homemade Saag Paneer

Saag Paneer

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I still haven’t found a go-to Indi­an spot in LA yet so I have real­ly been miss­ing a lot of spice in my life! I nev­er actu­al­ly order saag paneer when I do fre­quent an Indi­an restau­rant, but this recipe in the cheese issue of the Food Net­work Mag­a­zine looked too deli­cious to pass up. You may be put off at the thought of hav­ing to make your own paneer, but believe me its worth it and real­ly doesn’t take much effort at all. I’ve used pre-pack­aged paneer from an Indi­an mar­ket and the home­made ver­sion Read more […]

Fish Tikka Masala and Coconut Cauliflower ‘Rice’

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I’ve been real­ly crav­ing Indi­an food late­ly and miss­ing one of my favorite Indi­an spots, Pun­jab, in Arling­ton, MA. So when I came across this recipe in the Penzey’s cat­a­log, I had to make it. I usu­al­ly order chick­en or veg­gies  with my cur­ry, but I have been try­ing to inte­grate more seafood into my pri­mal diet, and I also knew my roomie would eat it if I did fish. Ide­al­ly I would use Tilapia in this  but I could only find farm-raised (which I am eth­i­cal­ly opposed to, but farm-raised fish is also Read more […]

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