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Wild Blueberry Vegan Ice Cream

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The combination of blueberries and peaches is the perfect image of a summer dessert to me, which is why I made a Paleo Peach Cobbler with Wild Blueberry Gluten-Free Vegan Ice Cream for my end of Summer dinner party. Blueberries have lots of natural sweetness so they make a great base for a Vegan ice cream with no refined sugar and you can find beautiful organic blueberries just about anywhere during the Summer season. This recipe is super easy and simple and is the perfect cold complement to a warm Read more [...]

Car Bomb Floats with Homemade Baileys Ice Cream for St. Paddys

Car Bomb Ice Cream Floats- Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!!

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I am a firm believer that Irish Car Bombs are way better in theory than in practice. I mean, really, who can actually chug an entire pint of Guiness?!? Not me! Instead, here is a leisurely decadent way to enjoy your Guinness and Baileys--in an ice cream float! Smooth, velvety Guiness poured over a scoop (or two) of cold, rich, creamy Baileys ice cream with a gooey, slightly minty, fudge ripple, studded with mint cookie crumbles. Now that's what I call a car bomb! I think the Irish would be proud. Read more [...]

Dad’s Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Shells with Turkey Meatballs and Vanilla Cream Cheese Cakelets with Raspberry Filling and Homemade Limoncello Ice Cream

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**Sorry for the delay on this--wanted to make sure it was just right since this is such a special family recipe. Enjoy! 😀 In our house we've always done two Thanksgivings- an Italian meal made by my dad because his family always celebrated with Italian food, and the traditional American Turkey dinner. I know, I'm pretty spoiled! This year Dad and I decided to make one of our favorites, stuffed shells with Spinach and four cheeses, and his staple turkey meatballs (how fitting for Turkey Day!). Read more [...]

Baked Apple Cider Donut Holes and Honey Cinnamon Ice Cream

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One of the things I miss most about New England is going apple picking--and of course getting some warm apple cider donuts from the farm. I don't typically like donuts but there is just something about apple cider donuts that sets them apart from any other donut. I found the recipe for this baked version online that tastes just like the real thing. They went perfectly with the homemade honey cinnamon ice cream I was dying to make from the Flour cookbook--my all time favorite book for desserts. My Read more [...]

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