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Primal Carrot Cupcakes

Kitchen Faerie Primal Carrot Cupcakes

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This post has been a long time coming! Back when I was just thinking of starting my blog and had chosen a name for myself, my dear friend Lauren came to visit me, and as a housewarming gift she brought me the cutest fairy princess baking kit with cupcake liners and little fairy cupcake inserts! She knows me all too well. It was the perfect gift to start my journey as the Kitchen Faerie! So I decided I definitely needed to make a primal cupcake for these magical cupcake liners. Even though carrots Read more [...]

Aunt Nancy’s Famous Gingerbread Cookies

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My Aunt Nancy has always made the most delicious gingerbread cookies.  One year we used this recipe to build homemade gingerbread houses, and since then we've had an annual gingerbread party where the whole family makes and decorates the cookies together. There's always been a ridiculous amount of cookies in the house during the holidays, and now with all the gingerbread it truly feels like a cookie factory, and my family--a bunch of cookie elves!  This would be a great activity for a kids holiday Read more [...]

Snowy Coconut Roulade Cake

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I rarely have trouble with a recipe but the original frosting for this cake was a nightmare! Usually I can hold my own with egg whites, but they just posed as one barrier after another in this recipe. I also usually can salvage a not-so-perfect mixture, but there was no saving this curdled sloppy mess so I opted to use my own cream cheese frosting recipe and it paired wonderfully with the spongy coconut cake. If you aren't a fan of cream cheese frosting, you can also use a sweetened whipped cream Read more [...]

A Home-Grown Wedding Cake

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I had been waiting for two of my closest friends to set a wedding date for almost two years when they sprung it on their closest family and friends just a week before they tied the knot! Not only was I thrilled to finally share their beautiful day with them, but they EVEN asked me to make the cake!!! I was so excited to make my first wedding cake and I couldn't think of any two people I'd rather share it with. The wedding would be the following Saturday on Laguna Beach, so I had exactly one Read more [...]

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