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image link: This easy shrimp curry is delicious all by itself topped with lots of fresh organic cilantro

Shrimp Curry In a Hurry

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  My favorite things about cur­ry?! Its warm vibrant spices will cure the dark­est of Win­ter blues, and you can whip it up in a flash, which makes it a per­fect Win­ter week­night din­ner. You can have this beau­ti­ful nutri­tious dish on the table in less than 30 min­utes. And often that’s all we have the ener­gy for when it’s already dark and drea­ry by 5pm. Make this shrimp cur­ry for a quick yet com­fort­ing meal. Want to get fes­tive?! Enjoy a nice warm cup of chai while you make it. 🙂   Shrimp Read more […]

TThis Paleo Butter Chicken is simple to make yet complex in flavor profile

Butter Chicken

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Indi­an food loaded with warm robust spices has been tak­ing over my food fan­tasies late­ly. It must be the crisp Fall weath­er here in beau­ti­ful West­ern Aus­tralia, but I just can’t seem to get enough cur­ry into my life. And lucky for me, it’s so easy to make deli­cious clean Indi­an food that’s loaded with antiox­i­dant and nutri­ent rich spices. If you need a super easy and quick meal that’s full of fla­vor, this Paleo But­ter Chick­en is def­i­nite­ly the tick­et. You can adjust the chili pow­der to suit anybody’s Read more […]

beautiful colorful red lentils are the base of this vegan dal recipe

Pumpkin Red Lentil Dal

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Some­times you get a seri­ous crav­ing for some curry–or is that just me? We had a bag of toma­toes from the farmer’s mar­ket that weren’t going to last much longer. It was time to cook them up and trans­form them into some­thing new and tasty. And all I could think about at the moment was cur­ry, so of course that meant my Aunt’s to-die-for Toma­to Fen­nel Chut­ney recipe. I also had been mean­ing to make her Pump­kin Dal, and the two just hap­pen to go hand in hand like peanut but­ter and jel­ly! Believe me! Read more […]

Red Lentil Dal with Tomato Fennel Chutney makes a delicious balanced vegetarian or vegan meal

Tomato Fennel Chutney

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It was love at first bite with this Toma­to Fen­nel Chut­ney recipe from my love­ly Aunt Nan­cy! Since she’s a whole world away at the moment, it was about time I made it for myself with a bag of very ripe toma­toes just wait­ing for some cook­ing mag­ic. I think the best chut­neys include the robust and nut­ty fla­vor of organ­ic grass-fed but­ter, but this chut­ney can also be made with coconut oil or any of your oth­er favorite veg­an fats. This fla­vor-burst­ing chut­ney makes the per­fect condi­ment to this mouth-water­ing Read more […]

Simple Shrimp Curry with Sesame Stir-Fried Veggies for a perfectly Paleo Asian meal

Super Easy Shrimp Curry

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Life seems to be busier than ever these days, in the best way pos­si­ble! I have been immers­ing myself more and more into my stud­ies at Insti­tute for Inte­gra­tive Nutri­tion, explor­ing dif­fer­ent dietary the­o­ries, and have been plan­ning for my big move to Aus­tralia. All of these big life changes and plans have spilled over into my kitchen time, not to men­tion I’ve been house hop­ping for the past month. As much as I LOVE to be in the kitchen, my cur­rent lifestyle and the Sum­mer heat are call­ing for more Read more […]

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