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Chicken Fesenjan- A Persian Pomegranate and Walnut Chicken Stew

Chicken Fesenjan — Persian Pomegranate & Walnut Chicken Stew

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Fes­en-WHAT?!?! Unfor­tu­nate­ly for the world of food­ies, so many peo­ple have nev­er heard of Chick­en Fes­en­jan, or had the lux­u­ry of tast­ing this dish. One of the perks of grow­ing up in Vegas was that there’s deli­cious, authen­tic food of all parts of the world on near­ly every cor­ner. Vegas is a cul­tur­al melt­ing pot, and lucky for me, I got to enjoy many inter­na­tion­al fla­vors before ever leav­ing home. I first tast­ed this Per­sian delight at my favorite Mid­dle East­ern Restau­rant grow­ing up. It was love Read more […]

image link: chicken shawarma salad with a big old bowl of homemade hummus

Chicken Shawarma Salad

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One of my all-time favorite meals is a Mediter­ranean spread–a table full of hum­mus, baba ghanoush, tzatzi­ki, tab­bouleh, tahi­ni sauce, the works! But even bet­ter than that is all of those lus­cious condi­ments atop a suc­cu­lent shawar­ma. And it goes to the next lev­el when I can enjoy all of that with­out the bread. Since most of us don’t have a giant spit to roast meat in our kitchen, some­times you got­ta impro­vise. You may have tried my BBQ chick­en shawar­ma. But here’s one you can make indoors year-round, Read more […]

homemade crock pot chicken stock--all the health benefits of a good bone broth!

Heartwarming & Healing Chicken Soup

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Do you ever crave a giant bowl of chick­en soup when you’re not feel­ing well?! Yeah, me too! I think it’s safe to say every­one has had that moment where it seems like noth­ing but a good hearty bowl of home­made chick­en soup will cure you. It’s amaz­ing how intu­itive our bod­ies are. Crav­ings are not just some men­tal han­ker­ing for a favorite food, but often, our crav­ings are our body’s way of telling us some­thing is out of bal­ance in our diet or in our lifestyle. The rea­son we crave chick­en soup when Read more […]

Paleo Chicken Shawarma on the grill!

Chicken Shawarma

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I’m still day dream­ing about the  most per­fect chick­en and lamb shawar­ma that I devoured on my last day in beau­ti­ful Israel this sum­mer. But wrap­ping meat around a giant spit and roast­ing it for an entire day just doesn’t seem to be some­thing most of us have time for in our home kitchen. Luck­i­ly, you can still get all of the robust com­plex fla­vor of chick­en shawar­ma with this easy recipe! And it goes per­fect­ly with a dol­lop of this plant-based Paleo Hum­mus and a dol­lop of creamy Greek yogurt over Read more […]

Dukkah Crusted Chicken over Roasted Crispy Kale and Apples

Dukkah Chicken with Roasted Crispy Kale and Apples

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I can’t believe I’ve already been in Aus­tralia for more than 5 weeks, and liv­ing with my host fam­i­ly for exact­ly a month now! About two weeks after set­tling in with the fam­i­ly in North West­ern Aus­tralia, all the while shar­ing my IIN knowl­edge and pas­sion for nutri­tion with my host mom, she agreed to clean out the pantries togeth­er. I taught her about some preser­v­a­tives and oth­er ingre­di­ents to look for when gro­cery shop­ping and we talked about healthy alter­na­tives. We cleared out most of the processed Read more […]

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