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Paleo Chicken Shawarma on the grill!

Chicken Shawarma

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I’m still day dream­ing about the  most per­fect chick­en and lamb shawar­ma that I devoured on my last day in beau­ti­ful Israel this sum­mer. But wrap­ping meat around a giant spit and roast­ing it for an entire day just doesn’t seem to be some­thing most of us have time for in our home kitchen. Luck­i­ly, you can still get all of the robust com­plex fla­vor of chick­en shawar­ma with this easy recipe! And it goes per­fect­ly with a dol­lop of this plant-based Paleo Hum­mus and a dol­lop of creamy Greek yogurt over Read more […]

Paleo Baby Back Ribs in Sweet Smokey BBQ Sauce!

Slow Cooker Paleo Baby Back Ribs

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What is it that is so entic­ing about baby back ribs?!?! Even as a kid when I would bare­ly eat any meat, I always want­ed to go to Tony Romas for a kid’s bas­ket of baby back ribs! Slight­ly crazy I still remem­ber that, right? But they’ve always been one of my favorite foods. I mean who doesn’t love to eat with their hands and get bar­be­cue sauce all over their face? The cave woman in me just loves this Pri­mal (and Paleo) com­fort food. I rarely eat ribs but when I saw them in Sprouts adver­tise­ment this Read more […]

Strawberry Spinach and BBQ Chicken Salad with Chipotle Apricot BBQ Sauce

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We had a strange month of chilly cloudy weath­er here in LA, but the Sum­mer heat has returned, which means so have my Sum­mer sal­ads. I made this one to take to the beach when my fam­i­ly came to vis­it last week­end. It makes great use of some sea­son­al favorites and also stands on its own as a sat­is­fy­ing meal with the addi­tion of chick­en and avo­ca­do. And what says Sum­mer if not a lit­tle home­made BBQ sauce? The sauce itself was a giant hit. When I asked my 8-year old cousin if she was ready for lunch, Read more […]

Dry Rubbed Slow Roasted Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork and Spicy Cole Slaw

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Sum­mer is mak­ing its entrance in LA which means it’s time for bar­be­cues and pool par­ties! I had my friends up to the canyon for a Sun­day Fun­day pool par­ty this past week­end, and since Topan­ga is such a fire zone, we don’t have a bar­be­cue out at our pool. So in won­der­ing how I was going to eas­i­ly feed about 10 peo­ple, I remem­bered my brother’s favorite Pulled Pork and Spicy Cole Slaw sand­wich­es by The Food Network’s Tyler Flo­rence. It may not be as easy as throw­ing the pork roast in a crock pot Read more […]

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