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image link: what could be more nutritious than a bowl of bone broth packed with nutrient-dense veggies and chicken?

Build-Your-Own Chicken Pho

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  Who knew pho could be so easy to make at home?! Pho is the per­fect Win­ter dish, whether you’re try­ing to get over a cold, won­der­ing how to eat more hot veg­gies, or it’s so cold out­side the only thing to do is invite your friends over for a build-your-own pho par­ty fol­lowed by a snug­gle ses­sion near the fire. My favorite part about this dish is that every­one can make it their own. Sim­ply choose your favorite veg­gies and gar­nish­es and let every­one build their own bowl. After all, food Read more […]

image link: The beautiful Arashiyama Bamboo Garden in Japan- get in touch with nature!

Simple Wellness Practices From Japan, With Love

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So now we know we can drink lots of green tea, and enjoy the intri­cate fla­vors of Japan­ese Cui­sine loaded with sea veg­eta­bles, gar­lic, gin­ger, soba noo­dles, and wasabi for a deli­cious life of longevi­ty (If you missed that post, get caught up here!). How else can we emu­late the Japan­ese ways of well­ness? In the world of Inte­gra­tive Nutri­tion, the phys­i­cal food we con­sume is con­sid­ered Sec­ondary to our ‘Pri­ma­ry Food,’ which is bro­ken down into four cat­e­gories: Move­ment, Rela­tion­ships, Spir­i­tu­al­i­ty, Read more […]

image link: sea vegetables and soba noodles served in a beautiful local sea shell

Japan — A Culinary Dream & Wellness Wonderland

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More deli­cious well­ness tips from my culi­nary adven­ture in Japan straight to your home. So we’ve already estab­lished that these peo­ple eat A LOT of rice and noo­dles. And accord­ing to many mod­ern nutri­tion the­o­ries, these sim­ple car­bo­hy­drates are not a great source of nutri­ents. So let’s dive deep­er and find out what ele­ments in the Japan­ese diet are keep­ing these peo­ple vibrant and well into their ripe old age. First There’s Food… Matcha Green Tea This one should come as no surprise–Green Read more […]

link to image: a bowl of hot spicy miso pork ramen

Spicy Miso Pork Ramen

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For all you purists out there–here’s the recipe for the more tra­di­tion­al Spicy Miso Pork Ramen. While this recipe is far sim­pler than the time-inten­sive authen­tic ramen recipes from Japan, it will still give you that deli­cious­ly intense savory Uma­mi fla­vor that Ramen is so fond­ly known for. It may seem like a lot of ingre­di­ents, but once you make the spicy miso paste, it will be smooth kitchen sail­ing from there. I like to make the paste a day ahead of time to make it that much quick­er when I go Read more […]

organic local pineapples

Okinawa, Japan — How the locals are thriving well into their 100’s!

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With the major­i­ty of their meals fea­tur­ing sticky rice and noo­dles (sim­ple carbs), how on earth do the Japan­ese stay so healthy?! It would be irre­spon­si­ble for me not to men­tion their extreme obses­sion with pas­tries, but over­all, Japan as a civilza­tion has been thriv­ing for thou­sands of years. In fact, one of the 5 Blue Zones (which I’m so fas­ci­nat­ed by! You can read more about them here) is locat­ed in the islands of Oki­nawa, which I was lucky enough to vis­it a few months ago! Oki­nawa is specif­i­cal­ly Read more […]

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