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Hi there! I’m Amy Gates, also known as, the Kitchen Fairy. I am a fun-lov­ing, trav­el-obsessed nature junkie, health food enthu­si­ast, nat­ural foods chef, and holis­tic health coach.

But don’t be fooled! I wasn’t always focused on my health and well­ness. In col­lege I lived off of Star­bucks frap­pu­ci­nos, Domi­nos bacon piz­za, and Kraft mac­a­roni and cheese. I could have been a blue box poster child for as much of that neon processed cheese I’ve eat­en in my life­time. It took years of work­ing in a tox­ic West­ern med­ical envi­ron­ment, a mis­er­able breakup fol­lowed by months of depres­sion and emo­tional eat­ing, and an impul­sive cross-coun­try move for me to real­ize I could choose a dif­fer­ent path for myself. More specif­i­cally, I could choose a life of Health and Hap­pi­ness.

After a life­time love affair with food and cook­ing, while simul­ta­ne­ously bat­tling body image issues, I became inter­ested in cre­at­ing healthy foods. I exper­i­mented with veg­e­tar­ian, veg­an, and gluten-free diets, but still couldn’t seem to find any­thing that worked. No mat­ter how many recipes I exper­i­mented with or how much I went to the gym, feel­ing fit and healthy seemed like a far­away fan­ta­sy.

At last I decid­ed to take con­trol of my life, which would start with a move back to the sun­ny West Coast where I had always felt a sense of belong­ing. My time in Boston, and my days of dwelling in heart­break and self-pity were well and tru­ly over. In what seemed like a brash deci­sion to most, I packed as many of my belong­ings as would fit into my tiny Hon­da Civic, and drove across the coun­try to Los Ange­les with the sup­port of a lov­ing friend. My new jour­ney and free­dom had begun!acro

Life in Los Ange­les made a healthy lifestyle more appeal­ing than ever before. My room­mates were doing yoga and drink­ing green juice; I was sur­rounded by  sun­shine, beach­es, beau­ti­ful hik­ing trails, and of course, beau­ti­ful peo­ple! All too serendip­i­tously, my broth­er insist­ed that I read the Pri­mal Blue­print, by Mark Sis­son, short­ly after my move. Since my dear broth­er had just gone from being a veg­an to sud­denly eat­ing lots of meat, I was more than a bit skep­ti­cal. But with an open mind and a pri­mal need for trans­for­ma­tion, I began read­ing.

I read about how our cave­men ances­tors were not evolved to eat processed grains, and how most of us had ‘evolved’ to a seden­tary exis­tence at a desk for most of our wak­ing hours. While not yet ful­ly con­vinced of the Pri­mal or Paleo diet, my sci­en­tific mind indeed under­stood how our bod­ies break down sim­ple car­bo­hy­drates into sug­ar and spike insulin lev­els. More than any­thing, my heart and soul res­onated with Sisson’s urge to spend more time in nature and ‘at play.’ In my des­per­a­tion to escape the grips of the cor­po­rate Amer­i­can lifestyle, notic­ing myself feed­ing my after­noon slumps with sug­ar and caf­feine, and with my only liv­ing grand­mother inject­ing her­self dai­ly with insulin, I fig­ured the sug­gest­ed 30-day tri­al of Pri­mal liv­ing couldn’t hurt.

Switch­ing from eat­ing a tra­di­tional Amer­i­can diet to a diet free of all processed foods and sug­ars seemed near­ly impos­si­ble in that first week.  I was hun­gry, light-head­ed, and aloof as my body detox­i­fied from sug­ar crav­ings and rebal­anced itself from the con­stant insulin highs and lows it had become so accus­tomed to. But when the hard­est part was over, I saw the light at the end of the tun­nel. I had infi­nitely more ener­gy through­out the day, I didn’t feel bloat­ed or lethar­gic after meals, and I start­ed to lose weight and bel­ly fat with min­i­mal exer­cise. To men­tally get through the 30 days I allowed myself to have one cheat day a week where I binged on pas­ta, chips, baked goods–all of my favorite junk foods of my for­mer life. Yet they no longer had the same lus­ter. I final­ly knew what health could feel like, and there was no turn­ing back!

image link: Hi, I'm Amy, the Kitchen Faerie and your trusted health coach!My well­ness jour­ney start­ed with food, but it cer­tainly didn’t end there. I made more time for cook­ing, hik­ing, spend­ing time in nature, med­i­tat­ing, get­ting in touch with spir­i­tu­al­ity, prac­tic­ing yoga, and fuel­ing my new friend­ship with fit­ness. I start­ed blog­ging my Paleo and Pri­mal recipes, cater­ing for events in LA, and cook­ing for Bud­dhist med­i­ta­tion retreats in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia. I embraced my love and pas­sion for food once again. And I revis­ited my pas­sion for trav­el, tak­ing time off for a much need­ed solo adven­ture to South East Asia. Then I got real­ly crazy…I quit my full-time career at UCLA hos­pi­tal with health insur­ance and a retire­ment plan to go on the Mediter­ranean back­pack­ing trip I had dreamed of for years.

I returned home fresh and sun-kissed to embark on my jour­ney of study­ing nutri­tion with the Insti­tute for Inte­gra­tive Nutri­tion (IIN), and con­tinue my new cook­ing career. It was time to sus­tain my bliss­ful lifestyle all while help­ing oth­ers achieve the same lev­el of well­ness.

But I couldn’t stop there. The trav­el bug was ram­pant, and my heart and mind more open and free than ever. I moved back to Aus­tralia to explore more of my favorite con­ti­nent while con­tin­u­ing my stud­ies. I lived in one of the most beau­ti­ful places on the plan­et, where I brought healthy and deli­cious Gluten-free, Veg­an, and Paleo treats to the locals.  I’m final­ly back in the States (for now) more alive than ever, and I can’t wait to help you make your own trans­for­ma­tion to health and hap­pi­ness!

Have you been won­der­ing how to get back to your ide­al body weight and feel like your­self again?

Do you need help learn­ing how to clean up your diet and stay away from preser­v­a­tives and arti­fi­cial ingre­di­ents?

Are you ready to end your sug­ar addic­tion for good?

Do you need to place more empha­sis on tak­ing care of your­self and pri­or­i­tiz­ing your well-being?

Have you let fear keep you from fol­lowing your bliss?

Become the health­i­est ver­sion of your­self and tru­ly live the life of your dreams. Now is the time to take the leap! And I’m here to sup­port you in every step.

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Togeth­er we can find out what foods are ide­al for you, curb sug­ar crav­ings, cut back on processed foods, cook and plan healthy meals in your home, nav­i­gate our all-too-con­fus­ing food indus­try, deci­pher food labels, clean out your pantries of sneaky hid­den preser­v­a­tives and fillers, and cre­ate a lifestyle you love!